Reddit Bot

What is the purpose of the legal bot?

We are a non-profit that wants to spread legal information, so we created the bot as a community service. We do not make any money from this service. We noticed that there are many legal terms on reddit that non-native English speakers may have difficulty with or even native speakers that are unfamiliar with law. This bot was made to help increase awareness of these legal definitions and court cases. The bot is in early development stages so please be kind to it and understand it is improving.

Will the legal bot spam a subreddit / user / etc?

No. The legal bot will not takeover your subreddit. The bot is extremely rate-limited and will only post in a subreddit about 1 time per week. If you are a moderator of a subreddit and wish it to respond in the subreddit less often, then please contact us.

In addition, the parent posts of a legal bot reply can delete the comment and if the comment appears to have negative reactions it will automatically be deleted. If a subreddit does not respond well to the legal bot, then the bot will automatically stop posting in the subreddit.

Why did the legal bot respond to my post and the response did not make sense?

It is very rare for the legal bot to respond to a comment outside of the legal context, but sometimes it does happen. Every day the legal bot will get smarter to ensure it only responds at the correct time. Please be patient as we improve on it.

Is the bot completely automated?

No, it is a mixture of automation and human interaction.

Why does the definition have misspellings or strangely formatted text?

The definitions are from old legal sources that do not have digital copies. As a result, we used OCR technology to read the non-digital print and convert it to a digital format. We are in the process of doing quality control. If you see a definition with such issues please contact us.

How can I contact the developers?

The fastest way will be to use our contact form. Please keep in mind we are not some big corporation. We don't make any money, so we don't have a full-time staff, so responses can sometimes be delayed.