About Legal IQ

Legal IQ is a non-profit centric organization dedicated to educating people about the law and providing a central resource to learn about law. We believe that society is better and more fair when people have a better understanding of the law, their rights, and understanding of the legal process. Our mission is to make the law and lawyers more accessible to consumers. In addition, we want to make it easier for lawyers to research law and grow their law practice.

Please link to Legal IQ on your blog, website, and social media pages, so that more people can be educated about law and we can improve society one person at a time.


Legal IQ Team

Want to join the Legal IQ Team?

We are looking for programmers, data entry, quality control, and more. If you want to work for an organization that values freedom, privacy, and education, then please send your resume to us via Retroshare. Our Retroshare Public Key is below. Send us a distant message: