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  1. D

    The fourth letter of the English alphabet. It is used as an abbreviation for a number of words, the more important and usual of which are as follows:
  2. D-ratio

    The losses less than $2000 that are added to discounted value of a larger loss. It compares total loss in a certain business. It is used in workers compenstation ratings.
  3. D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program

    The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program provides scholarships to low-income children in Washington D.C. for tuition and other fees at participating private schools. The program was the first Federally funded school voucher program in the United States. It was first approved in 2003 and allowed to expire in 2009. The program was reauthorized under the SOAR Act in 2011.
  4. Da Tua Dum Tua Sunt, Post Mortem Tunc Tua Non Sunt

    3 Bulst. 18. Give the things which are yours whilst they are yours; after death they are not yours.
    Give your property while it is yours; after death it will not be yours.
  5. Dabis? Dabo

    Lat (Will you give? I wlll give.) In the Roman law. One of the forms of making a verbal stipulation. Inst. 3, 15, 1; Bract fob 156.
  6. Dacion

    (Spanish) Delivery according to contract.
    In Spanish law. The real and effective delivery of an object in the execution of a contract.
  7. Dacker

    A dispute.
  8. Dacoity

    Dacoity is a term used for "banditry" in Bengali, Odiya, Hindi, Kannada and Urdu. The spelling is the anglicized version of the Hindustani word and as a colloquial Indian English word with this meaning, it appears in the Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words and Phrases (1903). Banditry is criminal activity involving robbery by groups of armed bandits. The East India Company established the Thuggee and Dacoity Department in 1830, and the Thuggee and Dacoity Suppression Acts, 1836–1848 [...]
    (India) Robbery by a band of five or more. .
  9. Dagge

    A kind of gun. 1 How. State Tr. 1124, 1125.
  10. Dagger-money

    Payments to the justices of assize on the northern circuit as a defense fund against robbers.
  11. Dagus Or Dais

    The raised floor at the upper end of a hall.
  12. Daigou

    Daigou (Chinese: 代购 dàigòu (English pronunciation: /ˈdaɪˈɡoʊ/); also 海外代购 hǎiwài dàigòu) is a channel of commerce in which an overseas person purchases commodities (mainly luxury goods but also groceries) for a customer in mainland China, since prices for luxury goods can be 30 to 40 percent higher in China than abroad. The phrase means "buying on behalf of". Daigou sales across sectors total $15 billion annually. In 2014 the value of the daigou business just in luxury [...]
  13. Daily

    Every day; every day in the week; every day in the week except one. A newspaper which is published six days in each week is a "dally" newspaper. Richardson v. Tobin, 45 Cal. 30; Tribune Pub. Co. v. Duluth, 45 Minn. 27, 47 N. W. 309; Kingman v. Waugh, 139 Mo. 360, 40 S. W. 884.
  14. Daily Average Revenue Trades

    The amount of trades a firm completes on a daily basis. The cost of administration and commission is added to this.
  15. Daily Construction Report

    The hourly and daily events on a worksite. It shows the numbers of employees and equipment. The time of start and finish is also recorded. Accidents are reported as well as weather and progress.
  16. Daily Interest Account

    A savings account that has interest on the balance every day. It takes place monthly.
  17. Daily Report

    A statement that has policy information that is needed by the insurere or agent. It is used as the top page of the policy.
  18. Daily Stocks

    Daily Stocks was a stock market search engine site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Mike Onghai founded Daily Stocks in 1998. When reviewing price/sells ratio, IPOs, and earning reports, website users could set date parameters. It was one of the first websites to have the top 50 advancing and declining stocks for the American Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ. It also had company-specific facts and figures.
  19. Daily Trading Limit

    The price range of a commodity or contract that chan safely be handled for business. Once reached no more trading happens until the next session. AKA fluctuation price or price limit.
  20. Daily Wages

    The term used in compensation cases for the money that is awarded as his daily wages.

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