What is Year And A Day Rule?

Legal Definition
The year and a day rule has been a common length of time for establishing differences in legal status.

The phrase "year and a day rule" is associated with the former common law standard that death could not be legally attributed to acts or omissions that occurred more than a year and a day before the death.

It is elsewhere associated with the minimum sentence for a crime to count as a felony.
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Legal Definition
A bright-line, common law rule that a person cannot be convicted of homicide for a death that occurs more than a year and a day after his or her act(s) that allegedly caused it. The rule arose from the difficulty of determining cause of death after an extended period of time. Like most common law principles, state legislatures or courts may modify or abolish this rule.
Illustrative caselaw
See, e.g. Rogers v. Tennessee, 532 U.S. 451 (2001).
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