What is Visitor?

Legal Definition
A visitor, in English and Welsh law and history, is an overseer of an autonomous ecclesiastical or eleemosynary institution, often a charitable institution set up for the perpetual distribution of the founder's alms and bounty, who can intervene in the internal affairs of that institution. Those with such visitors are mainly cathedrals, chapels, schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals.

Many visitors hold their role ex officio, by serving as the British sovereign, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor, the Lord President of the Council, the Lord Chief Justice, or the bishop of a particular diocese. Others can be appointed in various ways, depending on the constitution of the organization in question. Bishops are usually the visitors to their own cathedrals. The Queen usually delegates her visitatorial functions to the Lord Chancellor. During the reform of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the 19th century, Parliament ordered Visitations to the universities to make inquiries and to reform the university and college statutes.

There is a ceremonial element to the role, and the visitor may also be called upon to give advice where an institution expresses doubt as to its powers under its charter and statutes. However, the most important function of the visitor was within academic institutions, where the visitor had to determine disputes arising between the institution and its members. The right of the visitor, and not the courts, to adjudge on alleged deviations from the statutes of academic colleges was affirmed in the case of Philips v. Bury, 1694, in which the House of Lords overruled a judgement of the Court of King's Bench. Traditionally, the courts have been exempted from any jurisdiction over student complaints. There had been much speculation that this contravened the Human Rights Act 1998. However, in 2004 the Higher Education Act transferred the jurisdiction of Visitors over the grievances of students in English and Welsh universities to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.
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Legal Definition
An inspector of the government, of corporations or bodies politic. 1 Bl. Com. 482. Vide Dane's Ab. Index, h. t.; 7 Pick. 303; 12 Pick. 244.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
An inspector of the government of corporations or bodies politic. 1 Bl. Comm. 482. Visitor is an inspector of the government of a corporation, etc. The ordinary is visitor of spiritual corporations. But corporations instituted for private charity, if they are lay, are visitable by the founder or whom he shail appoint; and from the sentence of such visitor there lies no appeal. By implication of law, the founder and his heirs are visitors of lay foundations, if no particular person is appointed by him to see that the charity is not perverted. Jacob. The term "visitor" is alao applied to an official appointed to see and report upon persons found lunatica by inquisition, and to a person appointed by a school board to visit houses and sce that parents are complying with the provisions in reference to the education of their children. Mozley & Whitley.
-- Black's Law Dictionary