What is Syndic?

Legal Definition
Syndic (Late Latin: syndicus; Greek: σύνδικος, sýndikos – one who helps in a court of justice, an advocate, representative) is a term applied in certain countries to an officer of government with varying powers, and secondly to a representative or delegate of a university, institution or other corporation, entrusted with special functions or powers.

The meaning which underlies both applications is that of representative or delegate. Du Cange (Gloss, s.v. Syndicus), after defining the word as defensor, patronus, advocatus, proceeds "Syndici maxime appellantur Actores universitatum, collegiorum, societatum et aliorum corporum, per quos, tanquam in republica quod communiter agi fierive oportet, agitur et fit," and gives several examples from the 13th century of the use of the term. The most familiar use of syndic in the first sense is that of the Italian sindaco, who is the head of the administration of a comune, comparable to a mayor, and a government official, elected by the residents of commune.
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Legal Definition
A term used in the French law, which answers in one sense to our word assignee, when applied to the management of bankrupts' estates; it has also a more extensive meaning; in companies and communities, syndics are they who are chosen to conduct the affairs and attend to the concerns of the body corporate or community; and in that sense the word corresponds to director or manager. Rodman's Notes to Code. de Com. p. 351; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 429; Dict. de Jurisp. art. Syndic.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
In the civil law. An advocate or patron; a burgess or recorder; an agent or attorney who acts for a corporation or university; an actor or prochrator; an assignee. Wharton. See Minnesota L. & T. Co. v. Beebe, 40 Minn. 7, 41 N. W. 232, 2 In R. A. 418; Moblle & O. R. Co. v. Whitney, 39 Ala. 471. In French law. The person who is commissioned by the courts to administer a bankruptcy. He fulfills the same functions as the trustee in English law, or assignee in America. The term is also applied to the person appointed to manage the affairs of a corporation. See Field v. United States, 9 Pet. 182, 9 L. Ed. 94.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A bankrupt’s assignee.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary