What is Surcharge And Falsify?

Legal Definition
This phrase, as used in the courts of chancery, denotes the liberty which these courts will occasionally grant to a plaintiff, who disputes an account which the defendant alleges to be settled, to scrutinize particular items therein without opening the entire account. The showing an item for which credit ought to have been given, but was not, is to surcharge the account; the proving an item to have been inserted wrongly is to falsify the account. Brown. See Philips v. Belden, 2 Edw. Ch. (N. Y.) 23; Rehill v. McTague, 114 Pa. 82, 7 Atl. 224, 60 Am. Rep. 341; Kennedy v. Adickes, 37 S. C. 174, 15 S. E. 922.
-- Black's Law Dictionary