What is Suppressio Veri?

Legal Definition
"Suppression of the truth". Willful concealment of the truth when bound to reveal it, such as withholding details of damage from an auto accident from a prospective buyer of the car in that accident.
Legal Definition
Cocealment of truth.

2. In general a suppression of the truth, when a party is bound to disclose it, vitiates a contract. In the contract of insurance a knowledge of the facts is required to enable the underwriter to calculate the chances and form a due estimate of the risk; and, in this contract perhaps more than any other, the parties are required to represent every thing with fairness. 1 Bla. Rep. 594; 3 Burr. 1809.

3. Suppressio veri as well as suggestio falsi is a ground to rescind an agreement, or at least not to carry it into execution. 3 Atk. 383; Prec. Ch. 138; 1 Fonb. Eq. c. 2, s. 8; 1 Ball & Beatty, 241; 3 Munf. 232 1 Pet. 383; 2 Paige, 390 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3841. Vide Concealment; Mis-representation; Representationl: Suggestio falsi.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Lat Suppression or concealment of the truth. "It is a rule of equity, as well as of law, that a suppress io veri is equivalent to a suggestio falsi; and where either the suppression of the truth or the suggestion of what is false can be proved, in a fact material to the contract, the party injured may have relief against the contract" Fleming v. Slocum, 18 Johns. (N. Y.) 405, 9 Am. Dec. 224.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Suppression of the truth. See 70 Fed. (U. S.) 631, 17 C. C. A. 300.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary