What is Strike?

Legal Definition
The act of a body of workmen employed by the same master, in stopping work all together at a prearranged time, and refusing to continue until higher wages or shorter time or some other concession is granted to them by the employer. See Farmers' L. & T. Co. v. Northern Pac. R. Co. (C. C-) 60 Fed. 819; Arthur v. Oakes, 63 Fed. 327, 11 C. O. A. 209, 25 Li. R. A. 414; Railroad Co. v. Bowns, 58 N. Y. 582; Longshore Printing Co. v. Howell, 26 Or. 527, 38 Pac. 547, 28 In It. A. 464, 46 Am. St. Rep. 640. In mining law. The strike of a vein or lode is its extension in the horizontal plane, or its lengthwise trend or course with reference to the points of the compass; distinguished from its "dip," which is its slope or slant, away from the perpendicular, as it goes downward into the earth, or the angle of its deviation from the vertical plane.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A combination among laborers employed by others, to compel an increase of wages, a change in the hours of labor, some change in the mode and manner of conducting the business of the principal, or to force some particular policy in the character or number of the men employed. See 61 Am. St. Rep. 706, note.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary