What is State's Attorney Office Of The Republic Of Croatia?

Legal Definition
State's Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Državno odvjetništvo Republike Hrvatske or DORH) is an autonomous and independent judicial body empowered and duty-bound to instigate prosecution of perpetrators of criminal and other penal offences, to initiate legal measures to protect the property of the Republic of Croatia and to apply legal remedies to protect the Croatian Constitution and laws.

DORH is a unique judicial body that has authority over the whole Croatian territory. Its head is an Attorney General who has deputies. DORH headquarters are in Zagreb, but it is also decentralized and is thus divided into 22 municipal and 15 county offices. Nevertheless, it is a strictly hierarchically structured body, so municipal offices are subordinated to the county offices, while country offices are subordinated to the central office in Zagreb. In addition, Croatian State Prosecutor's Office for the Suppression of Organized Crime and Corruption (USKOK) is a special body of DORH specialized in investigations related to corruption and organized crime.
-- Wikipedia