What is Special Paper?

Legal Definition
A list kept in the English courts of common law, and now in the king's bench, common pleas, and exchequer divisions of the high court, in which list demurrers, special cases, etc., to be argued are set d,own. It is distinguished from the new trial paper, peremptory paper, crown paper, revenue paper, etc., according to the practice of the particular division. Wharton. As to special "Acceptance," "Administration," "Agent," "Allocatur," "Allowances," "Assessment," "Assumpsit," "Bail," "Bailiff," "Bastard," "Benefit," "Calendar," "Charge," "Constable," "Contract," "Count," "Covenant," "Custom," "Damage," "Demurrer," "Deposit," "Deputy," "Election," "Examiner," "Executor," "Finding," "Guaranty," "Guardian," "Imparlance," "Endorsement," "Endorsement of Writ," "Injunction," "Insurance," "Issue," "Jurisdiction," "Jury," "Law," "Legacy," "Letter of Credit," "License," "Lien," "Limitation," "Malice," "Master," "Meeting," "Mortgage," "Motion," "Non Est Factum," "Occupant," "Owner," "Partner," "Partnership," "Plea," "Pleader," "Pleading," "Power," "Privliege," "Proceeding," "Property," "Request," "Replication," "Restraint of Trade," "Retainer," "Rule," "Service," "Sessions," "Statute," "Stock," "Tail," "Term," "Terms," "Traverse," "Trust," "Verdict," and "Warranty," see those titles.
-- Black's Law Dictionary