What is Short Entry?

Legal Definition
A term used among bankers, which takes, place when a note has been sent to a bank for collection, and an entry of it is made in the cus-tomer's bank book, stating the amount in an inner column, and carrying it out into the accounts between the parties when it has been paid.

2. A bill of this kind remains the property of the depositor. 1 Bell's Com. 27l; 9 East, 12; 1 Rose, 153; 2 Rose, 163; 2 B. & Cr. 422; Pull. Mer. Acc. 56.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A custom of bankers of entering on the customer's pass-book the amount of notes deposited for collection, in such a manner that the amount is not carried to the latter's general balance until the notes are paid. See Giles v. Perkins, 9 East, 12; Blaine v. Bourne, 11 R. I. 12L 23 Am. Rep. 429.
-- Black's Law Dictionary