What is San Francisco Values?

Legal Definition
"San Francisco values" is a term often used pejoratively and as an ad hominem phrase to refer to cultural, social and moral attributes associated with the city of San Francisco, California's liberal politics and pluralist culture. Often values and expressions that are marked less popular among social conservatives, such as gay pride, the anti-war movement, or secular values generally, are invoked by users to frame their argument. The same values form the foundation of what is known as West Coast liberalism, though the political cultures of Los Angeles (and notably Hollywood therein), Seattle, et cetera also contribute to this concept. This term, however, is not necessarily pejorative. For example, a liberal may identify as a "West Coast liberal" to distinguish himself/herself from other similar ideologies (i.e. East Coast liberalism) or to emphasize the issues which are most important to him/her.
-- Wikipedia