What is Risk Analysis?

Legal Definition
Risk analysis can be defined in many different ways, and much of the definition depends on how risk analysis relates to other concepts. Risk analysis can be "broadly defined to include risk assessment, risk characterization, risk communication, risk management, and policy relating to risk, in the context of risks of concern to individuals, to public- and private-sector organizations, and to society at a local, regional, national, or global level." A useful construct is to divide risk analysis into two components: (1) risk assessment (identifying, evaluating, and measuring the probability and severity of risks) and (2) risk management (deciding what to do about risks). Some books take a slightly different approach and define risk management as the overarching concept, where risk analysis is the component that seeks to identify and measure the risks and risk mitigation is determining what to do about the risks.

Risk analysis can be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative risk analysis uses words or colors to identify and evaluate risks or presents a written description of the risk, and quantitative risk analysis (QRA) calculates numerical probabilities over the possible consequences.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
1. Corporate. A component of risk management consisting of identification, determination, evaluation and application. 2. Food industry. According to WHO/FAO it is the risk assessment, risk management and communication of risks.