What is Revalidation?

Legal Definition
Revalidation is a mechanism for doctors, nurses and midwives practicing in the UK to prove their skills are up-to-date and they remain fit to practise medicine. It is intended to reassure patients, employers and other professionals, and to contribute to improving patient care and safety.

Nurses and midwives will need to revalidate every three years. A doctor will undergo revalidation every five years. A recommendation to revalidate a doctor will go to the UK medical regulator, the General Medical Council, from a local 'Responsible Officer'. The Responsible Officer will usually be a senior doctor in the healthcare organisation which employs the doctor, such as the medical director. The Responsible Officer's recommendation will usually be based on the doctor's history of annual appraisals. Doctors and nurses will need to keep a portfolio of evidence showing how they are meeting relevant standards, which will form the basis for discussion at their annual appraisals. It is not an examination process.

Revalidation for Doctors started on 3 December 2012. Revalidation for nurses was approved and finalised on 8 October 2015, the first nurses and midwives to revalidate will do so in April 2016.

Process of Revalidation

The Process of revalidation will be planned by the UK Revalidation Programme Board

Appraisal Portfolio
The portfolio for the appraisal should include the following six types of supporting information that a doctor is expected to discuss with their appraiser at least once within the five year cycle:

1. Continuing Professional Development
2. Quality Improvement Activity
3. Significant Events
4. Feedback from Colleagues
5. Feedback From Patients
6. Review of Complaints and Compliments

More information regarding these may be found from the GMC's publication "Ready for Revalidation" (March 2012).

Responsible Officers

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 created the role of the Responsible Officer.
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Legal Definition
An official confirmation or approval of a document such as a ticket after it ha expired or changed.