What is Refusal?

Legal Definition
The act of declining to receive or to do something.

2. A grantee may refuse a title, vide Assent; one appointed executor may refuse to act as such. la some cases, a neglect to perform a duty which the party is required by law or his agreement to do, will amount to a refusal.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
The act of one who has, by law, a right and power of having or doing something of advantage, and declines it Also, the declination of a request or demand or the omission to comply with some requirement of law, as the result of a positive intention to disobey. In the latter sense, the word is often coupled with "neglect," as, if a party shall "neglect or refuse" to pay a tax, file an official bond, obey an order of court, etc. But "neglect" signifies a' mere omission of a duty, which may happen through Inattention, dilatoriness, mistake or inability to perform, while "refusal" implies the positive denial of an application or command or at least a mental determination not to comply. See Thompson v. Tinkcom, 15 Minn. 299 (Gil. 226); People v. Perkins, 85 Cal. 509, 26 Pac. 245; Kimball v. Rowland, 6 Gray (Mass.) 225; Davis v. Lumpkin, 106 Ga. 582, 32 S. E. 626; Bums v. Fox, 113 Ind. 205, 14 N. E. 541; Cape Elizabeth v. Boyd, 86 Me. 317, 29 Atl. 1062; Taylor v. Mason, 9 Wheat. 344, 6 L. Ed. 101.
-- Black's Law Dictionary