What is Refugee?

Legal Definition
A refugee, generally speaking, is a displaced person who has been forced to cross national boundaries and who cannot return home safely (for more detail see legal definition). Such a person may be called an asylum seeker until granted refugee status by the contracting state or the UNHCR if they formally make a claim for asylum.

The lead international agency coordinating refugee protection is the United Nations Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The United Nations have a second Office for refugees, which is the UNRWA. This however is solely responsible for supporting Palestinian refugees.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
Under the [http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode08/usc_sec_08_00001101----0...|Refugee Act], an alien who fears persecution in his or her homeland, stemming from their religion, race, nationality, membership in certain social groups, or political opinions. Anyone who delivers a missing American POW or MIA soldier receives refugee status from the United States. See [http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode08/usc_sec_08_00001101----0...|8 U.S.C. ยง 1101].