What is Recontinuance?

Legal Definition
Seems to be used to signify that a person has recovered an incorporeal hereditament of which he had been wrongfully deprived. Thus, "A. is disseised of a mannor, whereunto an advowson is appendant, an estranger [i. e., neither A. nor the disseisor] usurpes to the advowson; if the disseisee [Ail enter into the mannor, the advowson is recontinued again, which was severed by the usurpation. And so note a diversitie between a recon-tinnance and a remitter; for a remitter cannot be properly, unlesse there be two titles; but a recontinuance may be where there is but one." Co. Litt 363b; Sweet.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
The recovery back of an incorporeal hereditament tortiously divested.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary