What is Proxy?

Legal Definition
A person designated by another to attend a shareholders' meeting and vote on their behalf. A proxy can be revoked at any time by the grantor, unless it has been coupled with an interest.

Also short for a proxy statement, which is a written notice required to be sent by the corporation to the shareholders before voting by proxy, and includes such information as the issues to be voted upon and the names of directors up for election to the board.
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Legal Definition
A person, appointed in the place of another, to represent him.

2. In the ecclesiastical law, a judicial proctor, or one who is appointed to manage another man's law concerns, is called a proxy. Ayl. Parerg.

3. The instrument by which a person is appointed so to act, is likewise called a proxy.

4. Proxies are also annual payments made by the parochial clergy to the bishop, &c., on visitations. Tom. Law Dictionary, h. t. Vide Rutherf. Inst. 253; Hall's Pr. 14.

5. The right of voting at an election of an incorporated company by proxy is not a general right, and the party claiming it must show a special authority for that purpose. Ang. on Corp. 67-69; 1 Paige's Ch. Rep. 590; 5 Day's Rep. 329; 5 Cowen, Rep. 426.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A person who is substituted or deputed by another to represent him and act for him, particularly in some meeting or public body. Also the instrument containing the appointment of such person. The word is said to be contracted from "procuracy," (q. v.) One who is appointed or deputed by another to vote for him. Members of the house of lords in England have the privilege of voting by proxy. 1 BL Comm. 168. In ecclesiastical law. A person who is appointed to manage another man's affairs in the ecciesiastical courts; a proctor. Also an annual payment made by the parochial clergy to the bishop, on visitations. Tomlins.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
An authority or power to do a certain thing. See 149 Pa. 70, 15 L. R. A. 665, 24 Atl. 88.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary