What is Propres?

Legal Definition
French law. The term propres or biens propres, is used to denote that property which has come to an individual from his relations, either in a direct line, ascending or descending, or from a collateral line, whether the same have come by operation of law or by devise. Propres is used. in opposition to acquets. Poth. Des. Propres; 2 Burge, Confl. of Laws, 61; 2 L. R. S.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
In French law. The term "propres" or "Mens propres" (as distinguished from "acquets") denotes all property inherited by a person, whether by devlse or ab intestato, from his direct or collateral relatives, whether in the ascending or descending line; that is, in terms of the common law, property acquired by "descent" as dlstinguished from that acquired by "purchase."
-- Black's Law Dictionary