What is Powers Appendant And In Gross?

Legal Definition
A power appendant is where a person has an estate in land, and the estate to be created by the power is to, or may, take effect in possession during the tenancy of the estate to which the power is annexed. A power in gross is where the person to whom it is given has an estate in the land, but the estate to be created under or by virtue of the power is not to take effect until after the determination of the estate to which if relates. Wilson v. Troup, 2 Cow. (N. Y.) 236, 14 Am. Dec. 458; Garland v. Smith, 164 Mo. 1, 64 S. W. 188. For other compound terms, such as "Power of Appointment," "Power of Sale," etc., see the following titles. In constitutional law. The right to take action in respect to a particular subject-matter or class of matters, involving more or less of discretion, granted by the constitutions to the severui departments or branches of the government, or reserved to the people. Powers in this sense are generally classified as legislative, executive, and judicial See those titles. -implied powers are such as are necessary to make available and carry into effect those powers which are expressly granted or conferred, and which must therefore be presumed to have been within the intention of the con-stitutionni or legislative grant. Ma In the law of corporations. The right or capacity to act or be acted upon in a particular manner or in respect to a particular subject; as, the power to have a corporate seal, to sue and be sued, to make by-laws, to carry on a particular business or construct a given work. See Freligh v. Saugerties, 70 Hun, 589, 24 N. Y. Supp. 182; In re Lima & H. F. Ry. Co., 68 Hun, 252, 22 N. Y. Supp. 967; Baltimore v. Marriott, 9 Md. 160.
-- Black's Law Dictionary