What is Placer?

Legal Definition
In mining law. A superficial deposit of sand, gravel or disintegrated rock, carrying one or more of the'precious metals, along the course or under the bed of a water-course, ancient or current or along the shore of the sca. Under the acts of congress, the term Includes all forms of mineral deposits, except veins of quartz or other rock in place. Rev. St. U. S. ยง 2329 (U. S. Co.mp. St. 1901, p. 1432). See Montana Coal & Coke Co., v. Livingston, 21 Mont. 59, 52 Pac. 780; Gregory v. Pershbaker, 73 Cal. 109, 14 Pac. 401; Freezer v. Sweeney, 8 Mont. 508, 21 Pac. 20.
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