What is Nihil Est?

Legal Definition
Latin, "there is nothing." Law enforcement officials may use this phrase to indicate that no property was found which could be seized or sold pursuant to a writ of execution.

See Levy.
Legal Definition
There is nothing. A form of refum made by a sheriff when he has been unable to serve the writ. "Although non est inventus is the more frequent return in such a case, yet it is by no means as full an answer to the command of the writ as is the return of nihil. That amounts to an averment that the defendant has nothing in the bailiwick, no dwelling-house, no family, no residence, and no personal presence to enable the officer to make the service required by the act of assembly. It is therefore a full answer to the exigency of the writ." Sherer v. Easton Bank, 33 Pa. 139.
-- Black's Law Dictionary