What is Near-sourcing?

Legal Definition
Near-sourcing also known as near-sourced or near-source, is a term used to describe a business strategically placing some or all of its operations close to where its products are sold. Typically, the term is contrasted with the trend to outsource low-wage manufacturing operations to developing nations (offshoring), and is used to highlight a reversal of that trend. Businesses can near-source everything from product production to customer and IT services. It is a form of outsourcing, in that the work is done by an outside contracted company rather than internally (insourcing), but unlike offshore outsourcing, the work is done in fairly close proximity to either the company headquarters or its target market.

Near-sourcing can save companies time and money, but it does not always mean bringing operations back to the home country where the firm is located. It could mean relocating or locating operations in a nearby country (nearshoring).
-- Wikipedia