What is National Association Of Investors Corporation?

Legal Definition
The National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), also known as BetterInvesting, is a Michigan-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (a not-for-profit organization prior to 1998) whose aim is to teach individuals how to become successful long-term investors. The NAIC is an umbrella organization that had around 4,000 member investment clubs and approximately 40,000 individual members at the end of 2015. Membership has been in a steady decline since a peak of well over 400,000 in 1999.

Many members join because they were exposed to NAIC though their investment clubs. In fact, the original name of NAIC meant National Association of Investment Clubs. Currently one can join NAIC as an individual, whether or not one is a member of an investment club.

NAIC is the legal name of the organization. Its member magazine is called BetterInvesting, and it became the branded name of the association in 2004. NAIC/BetterInvesting is headquartered in Madison Heights, MI, a suburb of Detroit. The organization was founded in 1951 when five investment clubs formed the national association. Its mission is to educate individuals on the benefits of long-term investing in common stocks. With the popularity of 401(k)s and other defined-contribution retirement plans, education regarding stock and bond mutual funds was added.

Depending on their membership level, members have access to online tools for determining whether a stock is that of a quality growth company and is selling at a price that will provide sufficient potential return, educational webinars, First Cut stock studies contributed by the BetterInvesting community, digital and print editions of BetterInvesting Magazine, local chapter support, and other products and services.
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Legal Definition
Individual investors have this specific networking and education organization.