What is Mulatto?

Legal Definition
Mulatto is a term used to refer to persons born of one white parent and one black parent or to persons born of a mulatto parent or parents. The term today is generally confined to historical contexts and English-speakers of mixed white and black ancestry seldom choose to identify themselves as "mulatto."

The term is generally considered archaic, and may be taken as pejorative, especially in the United States, where the terms "multi-ethnic", "multiracial" or "biracial" are preferred.The term is frequently found in historical documents (e.g., the U.S. Census, birth and death records, etc.) where it is merely descriptive.

Some residents of Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, and some countries in Africa freely use the term mulatto, or its cognates in other languages, usually without any suggestion of insult. In Latin America, most mulattoes have descended from multi-ethnic relationships dating to the slavery period, rather than from recent ethnic mixing. This is especially true in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Cape Verde, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
A mulatto is defined to be "a person that is the offspring of a negress by a white man or of a white woman by a negro." Thurman v. State, 18 Ain. 276.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
One too dark to be a white person and too dark to be a griff. See 126 La. 300, 139 Am. St. Rep. 514, 20 Ann. Cas. 1297, 52 South. 500. See, also, Griff.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A person born of one white and one black parent. 7 Mass. R. 88; 2 Bailey, 558.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary