What is More Or Less?

Legal Definition
This phrase, inserted in a conveyance of land immedlately after the statement of the quantity of land conveyed, means that such statement is not to be taken as a warranty of the quantity, but only an approximate estimate, and that the tract or parcel described is to pass, without regard to an excess or deficiency in the quantity it actually contains. See Brawley v. In S., 96 U. S. 168, 24 L. Ed. 622; Crislip v. Cain, 19 W. Va. 438; Tyler v. Anderson, 106 Ind. 185, 6 N. E. 600; Jenkins v. Bolgiano, 53 Md. 420; Solinger v. Jewett, 25 Ind. 479, 87 Am. Den. 372; Young v. Craig, 2 Bibb (Ky.) 270.
-- Black's Law Dictionary