What is Misreading?

Legal Definition
Contracts. When a deed is read falsely to an illiterate or blind man, who is a party to it, such false reading amounts to a fraud, because the contract never had the assent of both parties. 5 Co. 19; 6 East, R. 309; Dane's Ab. c. 86, a, 3, 7; 2 John. R. 404; 12 John. R. 469; 3 Cowen, R. 537.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Reading a deed or other instrument to an llliterate or blind man (who is a party to it) in a false or deceitful manner, so that he conceives a wrong idea of ita tenor or contents. See 5 Coke, 19; 6 Bast, 309; Hallenbeck v. Dewitt, 2 Johns. (N. Y.) 404.
-- Black's Law Dictionary