What is Military Divorce?

Legal Definition
Military divorce is a specific type of divorce that arises when one or both partners are members of the military. Although typically an uncontested divorce, military divorces are different because they require additional requirements to be fulfilled. Divorces occur less frequently than within the civilian population. They present a special set of challenges that make military divorces more complicated than a typical divorce. For example, The Federal Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003 requires any person seeking a divorce to state that their spouse is or is not currently a member of the United States armed forces. This is meant to prevent spouses from seeking divorces from service members who would be unable to attend divorce proceedings.

A common challenge presented by military divorce is jurisdiction - where the divorce should be filed if the service member isn't at home. A divorce may be filed at home or where the military member is stationed, both in the United States or abroad.
-- Wikipedia