What is Main Channel?

Legal Definition
Main Channel (54°10′S 36°42′W / 54.167°S 36.700°W / -54.167; -36.700Coordinates: 54°10′S 36°42′W / 54.167°S 36.700°W / -54.167; -36.700) is a small channel lying south of the Bar Rocks and leading to the head of Husvik Harbor in Stromness Bay, South Georgia. The name appears to be first used on a 1930 British Admiralty chart.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
The main channel of a river is that bed over which the principal volume of water flows. See St. Louis, etc., Packet Co., v. Keokuk & H. Bridge Co.. (C. Ct) 31 Fed. 757; Cessill v. State, 40 Ark. 504; Dun-lieth & D. Bridge Co. v. Dubuque Co.unty, 55 Iowa, 558, 8 N. W. 44,'i.
-- Black's Law Dictionary