What is List Broker?

Legal Definition
A list broker acts as an agent for those who wish to conduct direct marketing campaigns via direct mail, email or telemarketing. List brokers provide lists that, minimally, contain a prospect's name and contact information. Additionally, lists may include additional demographic information such as age, sex, etc.

Many promotional mailings such as catalogs, coupons, promotional offers and credit offers utilize lists purchased through list brokers.

List brokers do not have ready made lists if they are truly 'brokers'. Most list brokers should give a client a set of options or 'lists' to consider using in their campaigns.

More often than not, list brokers act as "go-betweens" matching list owners to those who wish to buy or rent lists, receiving a commission from the list owners. Additionally, many list brokers supply a client with information, price guidelines and other consultation on the purchasing of lists and data.

Common associations to which list brokers belong are the American Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
Entity that sells categorized lists for use in direct mail campaigns, of people in a geographical area.