What is Limited Jurisdiction?

Legal Definition
Limited jurisdiction, or special jurisdiction, is the court's jurisdiction only on certain types of cases such as bankruptcy, family matters, etc.

Courts of limited jurisdiction, as opposed to general jurisdiction, derive power from an issuing authority, such as a Constitution or a statute. Special jurisdiction courts must demonstrate that they are authorized to exert jurisdiction under their issuing authority. In contrast, general jurisdiction courts need only to demonstrate that they may assert in personal jurisdiction over a party.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
This term is ambiguous, and the books sometimes use it without due precision. It is sometimes carelessly employed instead of "special." The true distinction between courts is between such as possess a general and such as have only a special jurisdiction for a particular purpose, or are clothed with special powers for the performance. Obert v. Hammel, 18 N. J. Law, 73.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Jurisdiction which does not extend to the general administration of justice. See 18 N. J. L. 73.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary