What is Light Industry?

Legal Definition
Light industry is industry that is usually less capital-intensive than heavy industry, and is more consumer-oriented than business-oriented (i.e., most light industry products are produced for end users rather than as intermediates for use by other industries). Light industry facilities typically have less environmental impact than those associated with heavy industry, and zoning laws are more likely to permit light industry near residential areas. It is the production of small consumer goods.

One economic definition states that light industry is a "manufacturing activity that uses moderate amounts of partially processed materials to produce items of relatively high value per unit weight".

Examples of light industries include the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics and home appliances. Conversely, industries such as shipbuilding would fall under heavy industry.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
Consumer electronics and clothing manufacturing are examples of light industry. It is part of an economy's secondary industry. It has less capital-intensive and more labor-intensive operations. End consumers rather than other businesses and industries are target of a light industry's products. Also refer to heavy industry.