What is Invest?

Legal Definition
Contracts. To lay out money in such a manner that it may bring a revenue; as, to invest money in houses or stocks; to give possession.

2. This word, which occurs frequently in the canon law, comes from the Latin word investire, which signifies to clothe or adorn and is used, in that system of jurisprudence, synonymously with enfeoff. Both words signify to put one into the possession of, or to invest with a fief, upon his taking the oath of fealty or fidelity to the prince or superior lord.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
To loan money upon securities of a more or less permanent nature or to place it in business ventures or real estate or otherwise lay it out, so that it may produce a revenue or income. Drake v. Crane, 127 Mo. 85, 29 S. W. 990, 27 L. R. A. 653; Stramann v. Scheeren, 7 Colo. App. 1, 42 Pac. 191; Una v. Dodd, 39 N. J. Eq. 186. To clothe one with the possession of a fief or benefice. See Investiture.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
To vest; to clothe; to confer upon; to place money where it will yield a profit. See 127 Mo. 85, 27 L. R. A. 653, 29 S. W. 990.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary