What is Imminent Danger?

Legal Definition
In relation to homicide in self-defense, this term means immediate danger, such as must be instantly met, such as cannot be guarded against by calling for the assistance of others or the protection of the law. U. S. v. Outer-bridge, 27 Fed. Cas. 390; State v. West, 45 La. Ann. 14, 12 South. 7; State v. Smith, 43 Or. 109, 71 Pac. 973. Or, as otherwise defined, such an appearance of threatened and impending injury as would put a reasonable and prudent man to his instant defense. State v. Fontenot, 50 La. Ann. 537, 23 South. 634, 69 Am. St. Rep. 455; Shorter v. People, 2 N. Y. 201, 51 Am. Dec. 286.
-- Black's Law Dictionary