What is Head Of A Family?

Legal Definition
A term used in homestead and exemption laws to designate a person who maintains a family; a householder. Not necessarily a husband or father, but any person who has charge of, supervises, and manages the affairs of the household or the collective body of persons residing together and constituting the family. See Duncan v. Frank, 8 Mo App. 289; Jarboe v. Jarboe, 106 Mo. App. 459. 79 S. W. il63; Whalen v. Cadman. 11 Iowa. 227: Brokaw v. Ogle, 170 III. 115, 48 N. E 394; Bennett v. Georgia Trust Co., 106 Ga. 578, 32 S. El 625.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
One who has a home and a family circle thereat of one or more under his control. See 1 Lea (Tenn.), 749. See, also, 61 Am. Dec. 589, note.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary