What is Faircoop?

Legal Definition
FairCoop is an open global cooperative that organizes itself through the Internet outside the boundaries and controls of nation-states. FairCoop aims to issue an alternative global economic system based on cooperation, ethic, solidarity and north-south redistribution and justice in economic relations.

The FairCoop launched on September 17, 2014, after months of activist networking from various fields of alternative economy. People involved were Enric Duran of the Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC), Michael Bauwens of the P2P Foundation and the bitcoin developer Amir Taaki.

The main objective of FairCoop is to make the transition to a new world possible reducing the economic and social differences between humans as much as possible and simultaneously contributing to a new global wealth available to all humanity in the form of commons.

FairCoop understand that the transformation to a fairer monetary system is a key element for their goals. That's why FairCoop supports Faircoin as cryptocurrency to base upon their actions of resource redistribution and to build a new global economic system.
-- Wikipedia