What is Et Uxor?

Legal Definition
Et uxor is a Latin phrase meaning "and wife", commonly abbreviated "et ux." The term is a legal phrase that is used in lieu of naming the female spouse of a male party to litigation, for example Loving et ux. v. Virginia. The term remains in contemporary use in American legal documents, especially as related to property and marriage. Many older property deeds list the owners in the form "John Smith et ux." In the present day, most jurisdictions would indicate both the husband and wife by name.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
And his wife. A term used in indexing, abstracting, and describing conveyances made by a man and his wife as grantors, or to a man and his wife as grantees. Often abbreviated "et ux." Thus, "John Doe et ux. to Richard Roe."
-- Black's Law Dictionary