What is Electronic Meeting System?

Legal Definition
An electronic meeting system (EMS) is a type of computer software that facilitates creative problem solving and decision-making of groups within or across organizations. The term was coined by Alan R. Dennis et al. in 1988. The term is synonymous with Group Support Systems (GSS) and essentially synonymous with Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS). Electronic meeting systems form a class of applications for computer supported cooperative work.

Mainly through (optional) anonymization and parallelization of input, electronic meeting systems overcome many deleterious and inhibitive features of group work.

Similar to a web conference, a host invites the participants to an electronic meeting via email. After logging into the session, meeting attendees participate primarily through their keyboards, typing responses to questions and prompts from the meeting host.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
An electronic method of conducting any and all activities that can occur in a face-to-face meeting or telephone conference call. It facilitates participation, problem-solving and decision-making. See also Group Decision Support System (GDSS) or Organizational Decision Support System (ODSS).