What is Delay?

Legal Definition
Civil law. The time allowed either by law or by agreement of the parties to do something.

2. The law allows a delay, for a party who has been summoned to appear, to make defence, to appeal; it admits of a delay during which and action may be brought, certain rights exercised, and the like.

3. By the agreement of the parties there may be a delay in the payment of a debt, the fulfilment of a contract, &c. Vide Code, 3, 11, 4; Nov. 69, c. 2 Merl. Rep. h
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
To retard; obstruct; put off; hinder; interpose obstacles; as, when it is said that a conveyance was made to "hinder and delay creditors." Mercantile Co. v. Arnold, 108 Ga. 449, 34 S. Ik 176; Ellis v. Valentine, 65 Tex. 532.
-- Black's Law Dictionary