What is Content?

Legal Definition
1.the words of a document. It can be information or just communicatin. It has to have readability, freshness, usefullness,and be relevant in the way it is shown. 2. The meaning of a message spoken that is understood by the audience. 3. the features that m
Legal Definition
The contents of a promissory note or other commercial instrument or chose in action means the specific sum named therein and payable by the terms of the instrument. Trading Co. v. Morrison, 178 U. S. 262, 20 Sup. Ch 869, 44 L. Ed. 1061; Sere v. Pitot, 6 Oranch, 335, 3 L. Ed. 240; Simons v. Paper Co.. (C. C.) 33 Fed. 195; Barney v. Bank, 2 Fed. Cas. 894; Corbin v. Black Hawk County, 105 U. S. 659, 26 L. Ed. 1136.
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