What is Confirm?

Legal Definition
To complete or establish that which was imperfect or uncertain; to ratify what has been done without authority or insufficiently. Boggs v. Mining Co., 14 Cal. 305; Railway Co. v. Ransom, 15 Tex. Civ. App. 689, 41 S. W. 826. Confirmare est id firmum facere quod prius infirmum fuit. Co. Litt. 295. To confirm is to make firm that which was before infirm. Confirmare nemo potest prins quam jus ei acciderit. No one can confirm before the right accrues to him. 10 Coke, 48. Confirmat usum qui tollit abusum. He confirms the use [of a thing] who removes the abuse, [of it] Moore, 764.
-- Black's Law Dictionary