What is Confidential Relation?

Legal Definition
A fiduciary relation. These phrases are used as convertible terms. It is a peculiar relation which exists between client and attorney, principal and agent, principal and surety, landlord and tenant, parent and child, guardian and ward, ancestor and heir, husband and wife, trustee and cestui que trust, executors or administrators and creditors, legatees, or distributees, appointer and appointee under powers, and partners and part owners. In these and like cases, the law, in order to prevent undue advantage from the unlimited confidence or sense of duty which the relation naturally creates, requires the utmost degree of good faith in all transactions between the parties. Robins v. Hope, 57 Gal. 493; People v. Palmer, 152 N. Y. 217, 46 N. E. 328; Scattergood v. Kirk, i92 Pa. 263, 43 Atl. lO8O; Brown v. Deposit Co.., 87 Md. 377, 40 Atl. 256.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Such as attorney and client, physician and patient, guardian and ward, in which high trust should prevail. See 87 Md. 377, 40 Atl. 256.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary