What is Collective Agreement?

Alternative Forms: Collective bargaining agreement | Union agreement
Legal Definition
A collective agreement or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a special type of commercial agreement, usually as one negotiated "collectively" between management (on behalf of the company) and trades unions (on behalf of employees). The collective agreement regulates the terms and conditions of employees in their workplace, their duties and the duties of the employer. It is usually the result of a process of collective bargaining between an employer (or a number of employers) and a trade union representing workers.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
Documented, legally-enforceable contract viable for a specified period, typically one year. The management of an organization and its employees represented by an independent trade union are the usual parties to the contract. It details rules and conditions of employment, in terms of wages, working hours and conditions, overtime payments, holidays, vacations, benefits, and so on, and procedures for dispute resolution. Known also as labor agreement, union agreement, or union contract.