What is Charge' Des Affaires Or Charge' D'affaires?

Alternative Forms: charge' d'affaires
Legal Definition
Internationat law. These phrases, the first of which is used in the acts of congress, are synonymous.

2. The officer who bear; this title is a diplomatic representative or minister of an inferior grade, to whose care are confided the affairs of his nation. He has not the title of minister, and is generally introduced and admitted through a verbal presentation of the minister, at his departure, or through letters of credence addressed to the minister of state of the court to which they are sent. He has the essential rights of a minister. Mart. Law of Nat. 206; 1 Kent, Com. 39, n.; 4 Dall. 321.

3. The president is authorized to allow to any, charge des affaires a sum not greater than at the rate of four thousand five hundred dollars per annum, as a compensation for his personal services and expenses. Act of May 1, 1810, 2 Story's Laws U. S. 1171.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
The title of a diplomatic representative of inferior rank, He has not the title or dignity of a minister, though he may be charged with the functions and offices of the latter, either as a temporary substitute for a minister or at a court to which his government does not accredit a minister. In re Baiz, 135 U. S. 403, 10 Sup. Ct 854, 34 L. Ed. 222; Hollander v. Balz (D. C.) 41 Fed. 732.
-- Black's Law Dictionary