What is Cable?

Legal Definition
A cable is two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted, or braided together to form a single assembly. The term originally referred to a nautical line of specific length where multiple ropes, each laid clockwise, are then laid together anti-clockwise and shackled to produce a strong thick line, resistant to water absorption, that was used to anchor large ships.

In mechanics, cables, otherwise known as wire ropes, are used for lifting, hauling, and towing or conveying force through tension.

In electrical engineering cables are used to carry electric currents. An optical cable contains one or more optical fibers in a protective jacket that supports the fibers.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
A large and strong rope or chain, such as is attached to a vessel's anchors or the traction-rope of a street railway Operated by the cable system, (Hooper v. Railway Co., 85 Md. 509, 37 Atl. 359, 38 In R. A. 509J or used in submarine telegraphy, (see 25 Sint. 41 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 3586].)
-- Black's Law Dictionary