What is CNBC Ticker?

Legal Definition
The CNBC Ticker is a computer simulation of ticker tapes used by the American business news-oriented television network CNBC (as well as its international sister channels), that is displayed as a crawl on the lower part of the television screen. The CNBC Ticker shows security and index symbols in the manner of the ticker tapes that received information by telegraph.

The security identifiers used on the CNBC Ticker are taken from nomenclatures used by third-party companies like Reuters or from global stock exchanges.

The ticker is composed of a faster-scrolling upper band with a white background and a slower-scrolling lower band with a dark blue background for all CNBC channels. In addition for some channels, such as CNBC Europe; CNBC-e; CNBC Arabiya and Class CNBC, a third business news band is displayed in gray with a black background.

The ticker is shown throughout the duration of financial news programming on CNBC's domestic and international channels, including national commercial breaks. However, in the United States and Canada, advertisements that are locally inserted by cable television providers may be shown full-screen, omitting the ticker from being displayed during local breaks (as of 2013, all ad inserts by cable television providers, as well as satellite television providers DirecTV and Dish Network are now shown full-screen).
-- Wikipedia