What is C?

Legal Definition
The initial letter of the word "Codex," used by some writers in citing the Code of Justiniau. Tayl. Civil Law, 24. It was also the letter iuscribed on the ballots by which, among the Romans, jurors voted to condemn an accused party. It was the initial letter of condcmno, I condemn. Tayl. Civil Law, 192. C, as the third letter of the alphabet, is used as a numeral, in like manner with that use of A and B, (q. v.) The letter is also used to designate the third of a series of propositions, sections, etc., as A, B, and the others are used as numerals. It is used as an abbreviation of many words of which it is the initial letter; such as cases, civil, circuit, code, common, court, criminal, chancellor, crown.