What is Bursaria?

Legal Definition
Bursaria is a genus of large shrubs and small trees which are native to Australia. The genus was first described by Antonio Cavanilles in 1797, with his description of the type species B. spinosa. The name is derived from the Latin word bursa (purse) which relates to the shape of its seed capsules.

Species include:

  • Bursaria calcicola L.Cayzer, Crisp & I.Telford
  • Bursaria incana Lindl.
  • Bursaria longisepala Domin
  • Bursaria occidentalis E.M.Benn.
  • Bursaria reevesii L.Cayzer, Crisp & I.Telford
  • Bursaria spinosa Cav. (Sweet Bursaria or Blackthorn)
  • Bursaria tenuifolia F.M.Bailey

They occur in all Australian states and territories except the Northern Territory.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
The exchequer of collegiate or conventual bodies; or the place of receiving, paying, and accounting by the bursars. Also stipendiary scholars, who live upon the burse, fund or joint-stock of the college.
-- Black's Law Dictionary