What is Bill Of Interpleader?

Legal Definition
The name of aHsill in equity to obtain a settlement of a question of right to money or other property adversely claimed, in which the party filing the bill has no interest, although it may be in his hands, by compelling such adverse claimants to litigate the right or title between themselves, and relieve him from liability or litigation. Van Winkle v. Owen. 54 N. J. Eq. 253, 34 Atl. 400; Wakeman v. Kingsland, 46 N. J. Eq. 113, 18 Atl. 680 ; Gibson v. Gold-thwaite, 7 Ala. 281, 42 Am. Dee, 592.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A bill in equity by which the plaintiff, hav. ing no claim against the defendants, seeks to compel them to litigate their claims in respect to property in his hands and thus to relieve himself of responsibility. 1 Cow. (N. Y.) 691.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary